How to make a useful stationery holder

Make this useful stationery holder to surprise your teacher! She will be delighted to get such a thoughtful gift from you!


Take some tissue rolls which you can recycle.
Cut the rolls in 4 different lengths with a paper cutter to make the stationery holder.
Paint the rolls in shade of brown, made by mixing Acrylic Colours Burnt Sienna 01 and White 27. Let it dry completely.
Take an MDF wooden placemat measuring 9” x 6” in size.
Paint the placemat using Acrylic Colour –
Leaf Green 62. Let it dry completely.

Stick the painted tissue rolls on the placemat aesthetically using Fabric Glue.
Leave it to dry.

Take the Shilpkar resin base and hardener; mix it thoroughly to make an even dough.
Take the dough ball, roll it to make a thin slab. Leave it until semi-dry.
Take an A4 sized white paper and draw few faces of the boys and the girls on it.
Trace the faces on the slab.

Cut along the outlines of the faces neatly.
Similarly, draw few shapes of pencils and cut along the outlines of the same.
Take some dough to make a few flowers out of it.
Leave the faces, shapes of the pencils and the flowers to dry completely.

Paint the faces, shapes of the pencils and the flowers using Acrylic Colours –
Burnt Sienna 01, Black 02, Chrome Yellow 03, Crimson 04, Dark Green 06, Orange 17, White 27, Flesh Tint 30, Leaf Green 62 and Deep Brilliant Purple 64.
Leave it to dry.

Stick the faces and the shapes of the pencils on the tissue rolls using Fabric Glue.
Stick the flowers on the placemat randomly using Fabric Glue.
Paint few leaves around the flowers with Acrylic Colour -Dark Green 06. Let it dry.
Take a piece of orange colored card paper, draw and cut a small sized flag out of it.
Write a message that says “To The Best Teacher” on the flag.
Stick the flag on a barbecue stick with Fabric Glue. Let it dry.
Stick the flag on the placemat using Fabric Glue.
Your stationery holder is ready to be gifted to your teacher.

courtesy: hobbyideas.

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