Latest Kurti Front Neck Design Cutting And Stitching

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make Beautiful neck design | Latest Front Neck Design Kurti / Kameez Cutting and Stitching.:

Designer kurtis that can be worn without leggings and pants

Flaunt your bold fashion statement by skipping out bottom wear from your kurti look. Peep into the latest types of designer kurtis and sassy ways to make it bold and appealing without wearing leggings or pants. It’s time to be the fashion face of the era!!!

Aren’t you bored with your typically styled ethnic avatar or everyday wearing western look??? If you are a fashionista, then you don’t need to answer this. We know that you always crave to revamp your dressing style and fashion statement. It’s time to change the ways you don your fave kurti & make heads turn around!!!

What if you can throw yourself into a designer kurti without covering your sassy legs??? Yes, it’s not obligatory now to pair a bottom wear with traditional kurti. You can make your own style statement by checking out the latest designs and types of kurtis which can be dressed without any kind of bottom wear. Be it leggings, salwar, pants, jeans or any other cool bottom wear, now you don’t need any of them to doll up in a classic chic look. The trend that has made every girl go bananas is to wear a kurti like a dress. After all, you can’t go to a party wearing an ethnic kurti with churidar. But you can definitely try a bold kurti type paired with some trendy accessories but no bottoms. This is the need of an hour to fall in the list of top notch fashionistas. Designer kurtis worn without pants or salwars call for a ritzy boho vibe and a perfect way to make your own style statement!!! Accoutre yourself in!!!

See how you can go without pants or leggings with a designer kurti while looking absolutely stunning.

Princess Cut Blouse Design with tutorial For Beginners

Since the princess cut blouse and the raglan style sari pullover are a significant anger nowadays, we picked the same for the instructional exercise. Regardless of regardless of whether your sari is unremarkable with less to no deals with it, an awesome pullover configuration can immediately add allure to your look, giving an extravagance feel to your sari. Most Bollywood celebrity blouses additionally have princess cut pullover outlines that run exceptionally well with sheer or net sarees that are transparent. These princess cut blouse plans can arrive in a variety of outlines and examples. Yet, we should begin with an essential princess cut pullover plan instructional exercise.

For the individuals who have hands on involvement with their sewing machine, here is a detailed drafting guideline on pullover cutting with well ordered manual for influence a princess to cut blouse.

While making pullover outlines, cutting is the most imperative thing. This gives a shape, as well as the fit and style additionally relies upon the pullover cutting and examples as well. Do observe!

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Princess Cut Blouse Design Measurements

  • Length = 14 ½”
  • Chest = 36”
  • Shoulder = 14”
  • Waist = 30”
  • Sleeve length = 9”
  • Round Arm = 13”


For The Princess Cut Blouse Back Design:

  • (1-13) = ¼ waist + ½”
  • (13-14) = 1 ½” or (1-2)
  • (14-15) = ½”
  • (16) = centre of (8-6)
  • (17) = centre of (14-2)
  • (17-18) = ½”
  • (6-A),(13-B) & (15-C) = 1 ½”(for seam)

If U Want Sleeve Less Pattern In A Princess Cut Blouse Design:

(0-3) = 1/6 chest

For The Front Profile Of A Princess Cut Blouse Design:

  • (0-1) = Length + ½”
  • (1-2) = 1 ½”
  • (2-2′) = 1 1/2″ (in turn 1” and ½ “ for seam)
  • (0-3) = 1/6 chest + 1 ½”
  • (0-4) = ½ shoulder + ½”
  • (4-5) = straight line
  • (3-6) = ¼ chest + ¾” (for tight fitting – 1/4 ch+1/4″ (or) 1/2″
  • (7-4) = 4” or 1/12 chest + 1”
  • (4-10) = ½” down
  • (8-3) = 1”
  • (7-9-8) = front neck curve
  • (11-5) = 1”
  • (13) = ½”
  • (1-14) = ¼ waist + ½”
  • (2-15) = 1/12 chest + 1”
  • (15-16) = 3/4”
  • ( 12 ) = centre of (10-6)
  • (6-A) & (14-B) = 1 ½” for seam

For Sleeveless Pattern Take This Measurement:

(0-3) = 1/6 chest

For Sleeves:

  • (0-1) = length + ½”
  • (1-2) = 1 ½”
  • (0-3) = 1/12 chest + 1”
  • (3-4) = 1/6 chest + ¾ “
  • (1-5) = ½ Round Arm
  • (6-7) = ½”
  • (8) = centre of (0-4)
  • (8-9) = ¾”
  • (10) = centre of (8-4)
  • (10-11) = ¾”
  • (4-a), (5-b) & (7-c) = 1 ½” (for seam)

Now that you have all the measurements and instructions, let’s take a look at some of the princess cut designer blouses. We are sure you would love them and want them for yourself.

Hope you like these Princess Cut Blouse Design.

15 Backless Blouse Designs For Raw Sensual Appeal

Backless blouse designs are a challenging remainder that have turned out to be exceedingly prominent among ladies over some undefined time frame. Group these pullovers with low navel sarees and you know you are headed to looking a sex bomb. This is one motivation behind why risqué shirts are a fury among the B-town famous people, both on and off screen, and Page 3 wannabees. Indeed, even normal ladies are joining the fleeting trend of wearingbackless blouses.

Let’s Look At Some Beautiful And Sexy Backless Blouse Designs


Hope you like these backless blouses designs.

Wearing High Neck Blouse Designs With Gorgeous Sarees

2017 has demonstrated us many outlines and styles with regards to Indian ethnic wear, and one of them without a doubt is the wrath of wearing High Neck Blouse Designs. From Bollywood divas to socialites and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, everybody is brandishing no less than one of the High Neck Blouse Designs with a horde scope of examples and plans, and an expansive ton of alternatives to browse too. You too should think about the High Neck Blouse Designs this merry season and parade the snappy numbers like a diva in your own particular rights. When you combine the correct saree with the best of High Neck Blouse Designs, and the correct ear and neck proclamation accomplices to wear, you would influence heads to turn wherever you go. Give us now a chance to investigate a portion of the ravishing High Neck Blouse Designs explanations being made around.

Hope you like these designs.

12 Best Hairstyles for Long Skirts You Will Look Smashing

There are many hairstyles you can combine with a long skirt. From open side parted hair dos to nonchalant hair buns you can find something that suits you. Below we’ll take a look at how some of our Bollywood divas pull it off. Hopefully that will serve as a source for inspiration for you.

12 Long skirt hairstyles sported by Bollywood stars to get inspired

Stylish & Different types of kurtis designs

Kurti has become the women and girls most favourite style statement to look stylish with the charming traditional look. These classy yet trendy kurtas are so comfortable that you can wear them round the clock. The best part is that you can easily modify and customise Kurtis for different looks. Available in different styles and patterns, kurta is first to picked of college going girls, working women, social women as well as of housewives for any occasion. Fashion designers are trying to keep pace with the growing popularity of kurtas and find endless options to design kurtas according to the latest trends. As a result, wearer gets ample choices, from ethnic to Indo-western style with different patterns, cuts, and designs. Some popular types of Kurtis are mentioned here; just have a look and you will get smart ways to look best in all avatars.

Hope you like these stylish kurtis designs.