DIY Wall Decoration Ideas With Paper Craft

DIY – Wall Decoration Ideas With Paper Craft – Ways To Decorate Your Home With Paper Crafts

How to make beautiful wall hanging using bangles

DIY beautiful wall hanging with bangles and cloth wall hanging room decoration.

Welcome to NR Art & Drawing. How to make a beautiful wall hanging with bangles and cloth. You can also make it easier for wall hanging room decoration.

Requred Material:

1. Old bangles
2. Net cloth
3. Rhinestones
4. Glue
5. Pendant
6. Pieces of Mirror
7. Needle and thread
8. Lace
9. Yarn

You can watch full video tutorial-

Hope you like this easy wall hanging using bangles.

How to Make Easy Paper Wall Decor Craft Using Best Out of Waste!

DIY Colorful home decor Ideas are a super fun way to revamp any boring wall of your living room and bring it to life. We bring for you cool, creative and cheap to make DIY Wall Decor Ideas that will bring a fresh look to your home. Handcrafted home decor brings a colorful vibration into the soul of the house. We bring for you a wall decor for your home that meets and fits every budget and taste.

Required Material:

  • Color Paper
  • Circular Card Board
  • Wool
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Pencil
  • Green Tape
  • Thermocol
  • Quilling Strips
  • Quilling Tool (Needle)
  • Silk cloth (optional. If you want to make flowers of silk cloth, you can use this.)
  • Glue
  • 4 pieces of decorative glass (circular shape, diamond shape)

  • Take Wool and a Circular Card Board.
  • Wrap some part of cardboard using wool. Use different color shades of wool to add beauty in you Wall Decor Ideas.

Quilling Strip Tight Coil:

  • Take brown and green color quilling strips.
  • Apply glue at one of the ends of brown stripe and paste green stripe on it.
  • Take the Quilling tool. Fix it at the end of the brown strip. Hold it and start to roll it tightly.
  • Apply Glue at the end and stick it. You will get the Quilling strips tight coil.

  • Apply glue around the center gap of the cardboard which is not covered with wool and stick all the coils till its 3/4th gap.

Tiny Colourful (Blue & Pink) Flowers:

  • Take a blue colour paper and yellow quilling strip.
  • Hold the quilling needle at one end of the quilling strip and make one tight coil. Apply glue at another end and stick it to the roll to complete.
  • Now, take the color paper and cut in dimensions of 2X20cm.
  • Using scissors, cut thin strips at one end along its length and take one side as it is.
  • Apply glue on the other side and pack around the tight coil.
  • Repeat the same steps as mentioned above for all flowers you want to make.
  • It will give a gorgeous look to your wall decor ideas.

  • Take white thermocol balls and cut this into two equal parts using the cutter.
  • Apply glue on the center circular portion and stick these thermocol to decorate.

Decorate with Leaves and Flowers:

  • Take the silk cloth and cut the leaves.
  • Apply glue on it and stick on the cardboard where you completed the wrapping with wool thread.

  • Now, take the colourful thermocol balls.
  • Cut these colourful thermocol into two halves.
  • Apply glue on the edge of cardboard and stick all halves of thermocol.

  • Finally, take small 4 pieces of glasses of circular and diamond shape.
  • Apply glue on it, and stick on the wool. There should be equal gap between the pairs of glass.

Here, it’s ready! We have given the amazing shape to our wall decor ideas. Give your house that extra bright look with this lovely DIY wall decoration for your home decor.

You must try these wall decor for your walls and share your experience with us.