How to Make Horse Showpiece from Woolen

How to Make Horse Showpiece from Woolen:

DIY Horse Idea – Make Homemade HORSE Showpiece from WOOLEN for Room Decor

DIY homemade organizer of scrap materials

Toilet paper/paper towel rolls for a while. I’m not just some weird hoarder – I had a purpose. My goal was to recycle these items in a Mod Podge project. I thought, if everyone else can use these items for crafts, I can too. So I challenged myself! It’s kind of fun to do that sometimes to see what you come up with.

Based on what I had in my stash, I created this DIY desk organizer, aka the perfect recycled craft. I just used what was on hand so I didn’t even spend one dollar for this. I won’t say it’s totally free because you might have to buy some supplies . . . but you should challenge yourself to see how cheaply you can make it! Here’s how I made mine using decoupage.

Required Material:

  • new cutting board
  • rolls of toilet paper
  • box from the muesli
  • colored cardboard paper
  • glue

Hope you like this yarn bag tutorial.


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