How to Make a Pot From Plastic Bottle

Plastic Bottle Craft || How to make a decorative pot from plastic bottle

Required Material:

  • Plastic Bottle
  • Foam Sheet
  • Decorative Materials
  • Synthetic Glue
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scissor

Cut the top and bottom of bottle.

How to make doll diya using plastic bottles

These cute Diya Dolls made from waste plastic bottles will add that cute welcoming look to your house….they look best when used as centerpieces or at outdoor tables….

Required Material:

  • waste plastic bottles
  • Acrylic colours
  • wire
  • tea light candles
  • shilpkar clay
  • glitter stones(optional)

How To Make Pots Filled With Recycled Plastic Bottles

Many times we throw away plastic bottles without knowing that we can create beautiful and easy flowerpots and best without spending much money and materials always have at home. So take note of this step by step:

Required Materials:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Silicone
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • recycled CD
  • Brush
  • Clean the bottles

Before you begin, apply a few drops of liquid Axion with water inside the bottle and shake several times and deleted them from dust and dirt.

Short bottles

With scissors or knife cut the bottle in half to shape the edge, if you like variety you can make different cuts and flowerpots have several models.

Paste the CD

After having cut bottles, making the CD and paste from the top of the bottle using hot glue. After pressure beam paste and leave on a flat surface.

Pint bottles

IRLE giving more life to your paint them with acrylic paint bottles color you want and draw different shapes can be flowers, circles or figure you want. Now they are ready for you to put your favorite plants.

Finally, clean the surface where you can the pots with some fabulous and you will leave a delicious smell in the room.

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Hope you like this Pots Filled With Recycled Plastic Bottles.

courtesy: tuhogar