DIY Jewelry Organizer From Plastic Bottle

Amazing Way to Reuse Plastic Bottle – #DIY Jewelry Organizer – Easy Best out of waste

How to make a DIY desk organizer – Gift idea

The tin I’m talking about are those here! super simple thing to do! Simple right! And great to organize your things and for gift giving! These models even I sent to friends this holiday season!

Let us learn then ???? Bill of Materials – Latinha – Interfacing double-sided teclabel – Cotton Fabric Fernando Maluhy – Felts Santa Fe – Satin Ribbons – We Care About Buttons – embroidery threads – kite line nro 10 – Iron – hot glue – Scissors – sewing Needle How is something that gives to do with different types of tin will not be’ll get me the steps, okay? Each will adapt the tin you want! the one I used was one of those cookies, typical of this time of year-end!

1. Then the first step is to take the measure of the circumference of the can height and the same!

2. Then just scratching the measure in circumference and height at interlining double-sided, cut and pass the fabric! The use of the stabilizer is similar to the fusible famous!

3. Continue cutting the fabric in the size of the already glued interlining.

4. Then only remove the film from the interlining, that the fabric will be bonded. Then just stick it in the tin as if it were a label.

5. The tin will look like this, all coated

6. For a better finish, stick a satin ribbon around the entire can on the top and bottom! I used hot glue! This covers possible imperfections and prevents the fabric from fraying. For the finishing of the underside it is also possible to scratch the interlining with the height higher than the can. Then there will be a piece of fabric on the bottom, which you can paste on the bottom of the can and then cover with a felt circle, for example! I did so in the other can (in green).

7- For the tin to be even more functional and charming, I made a felt pocket to paste on the side. The clear size will depend on the size of the can. It must not be something neither too big nor too small! Choosing the size cut the rectangles into two pieces of felt! Here I also used the pruning shears! That is optional!

8. Overlap the two rectangles and stitch them all together! I take it and I already sew a button right in the middle of the pocket

9. To stick the bag in the can, I used the hot glue again! First lay the bottom, right over the end of the can. This part should be glued a little shirring, so there is space inside the pocket. Then lay the sides. The top is open!

10. To decorate and improve the finish, I made a bow with the same ribbon and I put it in the can with a button, just above the junction of the two parts of the ribbon. The pocket was also pasted on top of that joint on the bottom.

11. I made a simple flower to decorate the can! In that case I cut 5 petals (which are actually half-circles) in two different sizes. I put the smaller petals on top of the larger petals, and then I tined the ends and pulled them to the furrow. Then I put the two ends together and finished, as in the simplest flower of yoke.
You can use any flower or other ornament you like! It could be a yoke flower or another felt flower like the one I used in the green can! Anyway, just use creativity!

12. To follow the flower, cut two pieces of satin ribbon and pasted almost forming a bow on the top of the can, as shown in the photo.

13. Above, I glued the flower and button. All with hot glue.

14. Finally, I put the can with other cute buttons! I pasted it with hot glue! And here again, it’s worth the creativity! There are several things that can be put to complement the decoration!

And that’s it! Your can is ready to be used or to give!

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