Border Hand Embroidery Designs For Beginners Tutorial

Border hand embroidery designs for beginners – Step By Step (Video Tutorial)

How to make designer embroidery blouse

Trending designer embroidery blouse: We can count on pearls to add beauty and charm to just about anything – even as work on blouses. Among all the kinds of gems and jewels that are being used for crafting some gorgeous work on blouses, pearls are some of the classiest and the best. Pearl work blouse designs can add a definite classiness to the saree attire, be it a kanjeevaram or a fancy saree.

Easy Hand Embroidery Stitches for Beginners – Tutorial

Simple and Easy Hand Embroidery Stitches for Beginners – Tutorial

Playing with stitches is a good way to reinvigorate your needlework. It can help you take your stitching beyond a set repertoire of the same repeated stitches, adding a whole new excitement to your embroidery.

  • 12 Easy Stitch for beginners:
  1. Running Stitch
  2. Laced Running Stitch
  3. Chain Stitch
  4. Cross Stitch
  5. Stem Stitch
  6. Fly Stitch
  7. Cross Stitch
  8. Chain Stitch
  9. Bead Stitch
  10. Blanket Stitch
  11. French Knot Stitch
  12. Lazy Daizy Stitch

8 Basic stitches for beginners hand embroidery


How to Woven Picot Stitch with Wool

Woven Picot Stitch with Wool:

I usually stitch the woven picot with pearl cotton. The first thing I noticed using wool is how quickly you can stitch it up – less weaving since the wool is so thick.

Here are the finished flower petals.

I added woven picot leaves and white french knots for the center of the flower.

I love how it looks with the tapestry wool.