How to make a door hanging thoran from matchbox

How to make a door hanging thoran from matchbox

How to Make DIY Bangle Stand Tutorial

How to Make DIY Bangle Stand – Step By Step Tutorial

Bangle holder crafts look attractive. They are easy to make using waste materials. In this video we have made very creative and easy best out of waste bangle organiser craft that anyone can make at home.

Things needed to make this craft are –

• Waste Cardboard • Ruler • Marker Pen • Cutter • Scissors • Fevicol glue • Color paper /Printed papers • Few Bangles

How to Make a Gift Box for the Ring

A beautiful package for a gift is never superfluous and in today’s master class I will show and tell you how I did a gift box for a ringlet. I wanted to do something light, complementing the decoration itself, combined with it.

For the production of the box I prepared a ready template for printing on A 4, with the help of which the work will be easy and pleasant, and the result will please.

Layouts are created by me for personal use by everyone, I ask not to use them for commercial purposes, and when copying this material, specify a direct link to the source.

For work we will need:

1. Binding cardboard 2 mm thick, enough for about 1/4 sheet A 4.

2. The template printed on the printer. You can print on plain paper or self-adhesive. This issue is not principled, the self-adhesive will simply speed up the work somewhat and will save you from unnecessary fuss with glue.

3. Ordinary clerical glue, PVA in pencil, Moment-Crystal or any other.

4. Metal ruler and construction, mock-up or clerical knife, scissors.

5. Decorative elements – 2-3 bradsa, corners, satin ribbon.

I apologize for the quality of the photo, today it is somewhat lower than usual, it just so happened.

We cut off the part with the details of the box from the printed sheet and paste it on the bound cardboard.

Cut out all the details with a knife and ruler. Details can be divided into three groups: for the manufacture of the box itself, for the “cover” and for the lid.

Take the details for the box and gently glue with glue, matching the corresponding sides in sizes.

The finished box should turn out even and neat.

Again, take a sheet-printout and cut out the remaining parts for pasting the box.

We begin the pasting.

Now take the parts for the inside.

And we paste them a box from the inside.

Similarly, cover the cap.

Now we’ll cover the cover. We take cardboard parts and paste them on a paper sticker with a wooden texture.

Bend the edges to the inside.

All the details are covered, you can collect everything together.

Before the final assembly we paste the tape on the cover.

We paste the birochka, fix all the brads in several places.

Now we paste the box and the lid into the cover.

The last step remains – take the remaining part, which will hold the ringlet and add up, as shown in the photo.

We paste the part inside the box.

If desired, you can add metal corners.

All is ready! You can pack a gift 🙂

Courtesy: livemaster

How to Make a Colorful Paper Parrot

DIY Colorful Paper Parrot:

Required Materials:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • a simple pencil
  • white solid sheet of paper in A3 format
  • colored paper.

Step-by-step execution instruction:

1. Preparing tools and materials. It is better to use colored paper intended for office equipment.

2. Fold out a white sheet of paper and glue. From the top cut about 8 cm (body). 3. We take 4 colors of paper, cut the strips and add them to the accordion, to cut out several feathers at once. Cut the edges and bend them to the top. 4. Using a pair of scissors, the edges of the feathers slightly curl. And then the pen itself.

5. Top the body pasted with a strip of yellow paper (head). Then we paste the feathers in rows. Each row has about 10 feathers. For the breast, you can make one white feather. 6. From two circles with a diameter of 7 cm we make a plumage around the eyes. Cut and bend the edges in the same way as the feathers. From black paper, we cut out our eyes with cilia, we also bend our eyelashes. Eyes glued in the middle of the plumage.

7. According to the scheme, we cut out the blanks for the beak. 8. We glue the upper part of the beak so that two corners of the square coincide. 9. To the parrot’s head we glue the eyes, the upper and lower parts of the beak.  10. Under the scheme, we cut out the paws, we make folds to obtain the volume. 11. Cut from the white paper 2 wings for the wings, then the feathers of colored paper according to the scheme, bend them in half. 12. The end is cut and glued so that they turn out to be three-dimensional. 13. The other end is smeared with glue and glued to the base in rows. Finished wings are glued to the sides of the parrot. 14. We cut 3 strips 5 cm wide from colored paper for a tuft. We cut, bend, slightly curl similarly to feathers. 15. Two identical strips are glued first front, then back so that they form a cross on top. The third strip is glued in front and back in the middle on top of the other two. 16. Using the scissors, bend the ends of the tuft from behind.  17. From different colors of paper cut strips (about 8 pieces, you can have different lengths) and make a tail. We cut and bend the strips similarly to a tuft. We glue behind the body. From the front, we glue the paws. Our parrot is ready !!

Courtesy: liveinternet