How to Make DIY Bangle Stand Tutorial

How to Make DIY Bangle Stand – Step By Step Tutorial

Bangle holder crafts look attractive. They are easy to make using waste materials. In this video we have made very creative and easy best out of waste bangle organiser craft that anyone can make at home.

Things needed to make this craft are –

• Waste Cardboard • Ruler • Marker Pen • Cutter • Scissors • Fevicol glue • Color paper /Printed papers • Few Bangles

How to make racing car made from old toothpaste box

In daily life, there are often many discarded boxes that can be turned into waste when they are fully utilized. Today we come to look at a waste making use of two hand-made – toothpaste box making cars.

So how do you use a toothpaste box to make a car?

The first step: Prepare the necessary equipment, they are toothpaste boxes, four small caps, double-sided adhesive, scissors, plasticine, straws, etc.;

The second step: cut the toothpaste box as shown in the picture;

The third step: the use of double-sided adhesive to fix it, as shown in the fixed figure;

Step 4: Make the car’s head and tail with excess paper;

Step 5: Put the clay into the cap and use a straw as the axle;

Step 6: Fix the wheel to the body;

Step 7: The handsome car will finish slightly.

Hope you like this step by step tutorial of kid’s racing car.

How to make volumetric digit of 4 for the birthday

This beautiful tutorial shows how you can make the number 4 for your child’s birthday by yourself.

To do this, you do not need to have special skills and skills, you only need a desire, a great mood, the necessary materials and 18-20 hours of free time 🙂


To make a figure, we need:

  • cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • Painting tape;
  • hot glue;
  • scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • small rope;
  • wooden brusochki;
  • 3 rolls of corrugated paper (I have Italian, with a density of 180 g, 558 tons).

To begin with, we will make the skeleton of our figure 🙂 The photo below shows all the dimensions. I have a template on the most common cardboard. The very same figure I make of three-layer cardboard of high quality (since I lease them and need them to serve as long as possible). But the usual cardboard box will do 🙂

We cut out 2 such blanks (the front and the underside side) and the sides 10 cm thick.

Before you start to collect the skeleton of a figure, on 1 piece from the workpieces we make holes with an awl or a small screwdriver and pull out a small rope, which then will serve as a handle! With the handle is very convenient. You can freely transfer the finished digit without crushing the pound. And even during a photo shoot, you can hang it on the wall 🙂

We collect the skeleton with the help of paint tape. Joints from the inside must be smeared with hot glue!

Then we glue brusochki, we weight a tail and a back of our four. In this respect, figure 4 is the most difficult in manufacturing, since it is necessary that it stably stands on one leg and does not fall over the nose. For weighting, you can also use racks or marlbs, or maybe you’ll come up with something else 🙂

Not all master classes write about hot glue, many are limited to paint tape. However, I strongly advise from all sides, in all the cracks to fill the glue, to press down all the joints – it will stay firmly 🙂

The base will be glued at the very last moment, when the figure will be almost completely zadekorirovana.

It’s a view from the wrong side. Without a reason, the nose is still falling.

Next, I will decorate the joints. To do this, cut out a strip of paper 2 cm thick and stretch it properly.

Glue on hot glue 🙂

It is also necessary to glue the inside of the figure with paper. And that’s what we got 🙂

When the frame is ready – we begin to prepare the balls. Take the paper, cut it into strips 5 cm wide. Pretty stretch them and cut them into squares of 5 x 5 cm.

We will glue the technique in the technique. Surely everyone already knows what and how. But just in case, I’ll show 🙂
Take a pencil and wrap around it our box, like this.

The result is a pound 🙂 Apply to the tip of a drop of hot glue and glue it to the figure.

Almost the entire figure we pasted with poundies 5 x 5 cm. A bottom and left bottom side with 4 × 4 cm pound.

When the figure is almost ready, glue the base on the hot glue! The photo shows how I weighted him.

We glue the leg of the figure with the pound. And decorate the back of the figure. I just pasted paper.

And another such moment, 2 marbles is not accidental. The finished figure continued to fall treacherously to the nose. The conclusion is that it is necessary to weight the back better and take heavier bars / slats. By 4 there are almost no master classes, so I had to do it by trial and error. So, these two pebbles cool me out: 🙂 I glued them to the hot glue and voila, the figure took a steady vertical position.

I hope that my master class will be useful to you. Try it, experiment it and you will succeed!

Immediately I apologize if something is poorly explained. It’s pretty hard to convey all the moments in the photo, maybe something missed. There will be questions – ask, I’ll be happy to answer 🙂


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How to Make a Beaded Butterfly Necklace

This tutorial will share a beaded butterfly necklace with you all, hope you will like it and make one later. Follow me to see how to make a beads necklace with butterfly now Step 1: Supplies You’ll Need in Making the 3-strand Beaded Necklace:

6x4MM Faceted Drop Glass Beads

6MM White Round Glass Pearl Beads

6MM Pink Faceted Bicone Glass Beads

6MM Brown Faceted Round Glass Beads

4MM Clear Faceted Abacus Glass Beads

2MM Blue Round Glass Beads

3MM Yellow Round Glass Pearl Beads

Silver Flower Chandelier Component Findings

12x8MM Faceted Drop Glass Beads

Magnetic Tube Slide Lock Clasps

21x15MM White Drop Acrylic Rhinestone Beads

17x13x6MM Drop Synthetic Turquoise Beads

White Felt

0.5MM Silver Copper Jewelry Wire

0.3MM Silver Tiger Tail Wire


Glue Gun

Knitting Needles

White Sewing Thread

Step 2: Make a Basic Butterfly Pattern

1st, tailor a piece of butterfly shape with white felt;

2nd cut a piece of copper wire and slide a 3mm yellow pearl bead to middle of it;

3rd, add a brown 12x8mm drop glass bead to both ends of the wire and slide 6m yellow pearl beads, a clear abacus glass bead, a pink drop glass bead and a yellow pearl bead to each wire respectively on sequence, then cross both wires back through the beads to fix them;

4th, glue a white drop acrylic rhinestone bead and a drop turquoise bead to both wings of the felt butterfly as pictured;

5th, glue the ready bead pattern onto the middle of the butterfly as tentacle with hot glue gun.

Step 3: Add More Beads to the Felt Butterfly

1st, sew enough blue seed beads around the wing of the butterfly with needle and white sewing thread;

2nd, continue to sew enough blue seed beads around other 3 wings of the butterfly as pictured;

3rd, slide enough clear abacus glass beads and yellow pearl beads alternatively to the white sewing thread and sew them around the blue seed beads of the wings as pictured;

4th saw 2 brown faceted round glass beads and a yellow pearl bead in sequence to the middle of the butterfly as body pattern.

Step 4: Finish the Beaded Butterfly Pattern

1st, sew enough blue seed beads to middle of the butterfly around the brown glass beads;

2nd, sew a pink faceted bicone glass bead to both lower wings of the butterfly and sew a pink faceted bicone glass bead beside the wings as pictured;

3rd, sew 3 clear abacus glass beads to edge of both upper wings respectively;

4th, add a flower chandelier component finding to the left lower wing and the right upper wing with a glue gun.

Step 5: Add 3 Beaded Strands to the Necklace

1st cut 6 long pieces of tiger tail wire, fold then in half and tie each of them to the flower chandelier component findings one by one;

2nd, slide enough 6mm white pearl beads and 6mm pink bicone glass beads to all the wires in sequence as pictured.

Step 6: Finish the 3-strand Beaded Necklace

Add a side lock clasp to both ends of the necklace and tie the wires with the clasp firmly and cut off the excess wires.

Step 7: Here Is the Final Look of the Beaded Butterfly Necklace.

Now this beaded butterfly necklace is finished, how do you like it?

courtesy: DasiyD