Beautiful Miniature cage Tutorial

Beautiful Miniature cage Tutorial – Step by step.

To do this you will need:

  • – Binding cardboard or beer 1.5-2 mm
  • – pencil
  • – floss
  • – Knife stationery or for creative work
  • – awl
  • – Adhesive transparent or time Crystal
  • – White acrylic paint craquelure white or transparent







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DIY Newborn Envelope Blanket Step by Step Ideas

These envelope blanket is another ingenious design for new babies and new parents. It is easy to make and perfect to keep baby wrapped inside in chilly weather, and a play mat in room, too. Your little ones will be snug as a bug in this fabulous blanket, and keep new moms easy and happy while going out.  Please note that it is not recommended for use in the car.






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DIY: Crochet Baby Booties Pattern – Step by step

Crochet baby booties are not just adorable, but they are very practical at the same time as they will keep your baby’s feet warm and safe. If you love to knit and you want to improve your skills, then here you will find more than 15 different ideas that will definitely help you save some cash on ready-made baby booties!

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