DIY Easy Canvas Painting Wall Decor Tutorial

DIY Canvas Painting Wall Decor art, inspired by artist Nancy Ramirez. The colors are painted on first, then the herringbone pattern is marked off with painter’s tape before the whole thing gets a coat of white.

You’ll need:

  • A canvas, in any size you choose
  • Painter’s tape
  • Acrylic paints in your preferred colors, plus one bottle of white paint
  • A paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • A disposable plate, wax paper, or scrap cardboard to use as a palette
  • Paper towels or a drop cloth to cover your work area

Assemble your paints and squeeze a quarter-size amount of each color onto your palette. And now, for the part where you get to go wild: Create the abstract painting of your choice. You can work with one color at a time, or alternate between hues as you work across the canvas.

To incorporate all of our colors, we used one at a time, rinsing our brush between each and blending until we covered the canvas. Experiment with long streaks versus wide splashes of color until you find a look you love.

Once you’ve covered the canvas, let it dry for a few minutes. (If you’re impatient, you can set it in front of a fan or blast with a hair dryer on the cool setting.) We used a second, slightly smaller paintbrush to apply a second layer of color, making sure the canvas was completely covered and the colors were blended well. (A little messiness is okay here!) Let the canvas dry completely.

Taping is the trickiest part of this project — but once you get the hang of your pattern, it gets easier. Cut roughly same-sized strips of painter’s tape and apply them to one side of the canvas in a staggered pattern. Leave an even amount of space between each strip to keep your pattern consistent.

Continue across the canvas, creating a design that looks like rows of stacked arrows. (Tip: Don’t worry if your tape strips aren’t lining up — you can easily lift up the end of a strip and cut it to fit with scissors.)

For our design, we chose to cover the entire canvas in a consistent chevron pattern. But, you can get more creative and remove random pieces of tape across the canvas to create a more abstract feel. Just remember that any areas not covered with tape will end up white.

First, examine your tape strips to make sure the edges are completely sealed along the canvas. Then, use your paintbrush to cover the canvas in white paint, being careful not to disturb the tape strips in the process.

Be sure to cover the canvas completely — we applied two coats for good measure. Once you’ve finished painting, let the canvas dry. Be patient with this step, since removing the tape before the paint is fully dry could mess up your design.

Starting at the sides of the canvas, carefully remove the strips of tape to reveal your painting underneath.

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DIY Home Decor With Paper Quilling Art

Quilling art always favorite amongst kids as an easy quilling art project for kids, takes less time and yields quick and colorful results.

Quilling patterns and quilling designs cover a wide range of themes from nature and lifestyle. Quilling craft ideas can be anything from making a wall decor to wall frames using quilling art to creating designs for elegant Quilling Home decor and DIY Crafts!

Step 1: Material Required

Required material for making this fabulous art:

  • Thermocol balls
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard
  • Scale
  • Quilling strips
  • Glittered paper
  • Colored papers

Step 2: Make the Base for Your Craft!

Begin your Quilling art, with a cardboard in the dimensions of 45 cm by 28 cm lengthwise by breadth wise respectively.

Take glitter paper in black and white color in A4 size and paste them on the cardboard using adhesive and making the cardboard look half black and half white lengthwise as shown above.

Draw the rough outline of the Duck’s body on the glitter paper.

Step 3: Make Colorful Coils.

Take a pink quilling strip and with the help of a quilling needle make a closed coil. Give it the shape of a tear drop and make multiple tear drop shaped coils in colors of sky blue, cyan, baby pink and saffron.

Start pasting the tear shaped coils in the shape of a duck giving it an outline in baby pin coils, and continue the second half in colors of sky blue, mint green and saffron.

Step 4: Add Detailing!

Join 2 quilling strips of dark green and sap green color and make a closed coil. Loosen it a little and give it the shape of a leaf by tapering it from one end. Make multiple leaves combining different shades of green.

Arrange and paste these leaves on both the side of the duck in a plant like pattern.

Step 5: Your Quilling Craft Is Ready!

Watch Full video tutorial here:

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DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas & Tutorials!

Father’s Day is coming! A day to praise the men in our lives who have raised us and shape us into our identity today. Aren’t fathers great? Once in a while it’s difficult to think about a present for fathers since it appears like on the off chance that they need something, they will simply go and get it. So what would you be able to get the man who “has everything” isn’t that so?

Today I’ve gathered together a portion of the best DIY Father’s Day blessings that I’ve seen to get your wheels turning. Your father will love it!

Donna Martin created this easy DIY Father’s Day gift with wooden letters and extra wide craft.

DIY Shirt and Tie Gift Bags for Father’s Day are so adorable from Little Family Fun!

Fishing DIY Art Canvas that captures your kid’s HandPrint to be treasured for years to come.

Make the perfect Father’s Day card for the Dad who loves his iPhone! iDad Paper Craft Card Tutorial | sheknows

DIY Tie Canvas Art from No time for Flash Cards uses big markers, stickers and a simple contact paper stencil to create the tie shape.

Create Pretty Personalized Photo Bookmarks for Dad this Father’s Day following this easy tutorial. | Simple as That

Father’s Day special an embroidered Dad coffee cozy cup following this easy tutorial. | That Artist Woman

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15+ Lifehacks and Clever Ideas that Will Make Your Life Easier

Lifehacks are great. They help you to get things done and get them done quickly. We have a collection of over 15+ lifehacks that are easy and will help you to save loads of time.

Look through the list and pick out your favorites or you may just want to use them all. Have a favorite that we don’t have posted? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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DIY: How to make Movie Clapper

This tutorial shows how to make a movie clapper from scratch. It was used for a special events and it was really simple to make (even if it took a while to get to the finished). Made from wood and chalkboard paint.


Required Material:

  • 30x25cm / 11.8×9.8inch piece of wood
  • 5x25cm / 2×9.8inch piece of wood
  • Hand saw
  • 2 brass plates to make the hinge
  • Electric drill
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Black chalkboard paint
  • White paint
  • Sandpaper, paintbrushes, masking tape


First, saw a triangle on the top left of the bigger piece of wood. If you don’t do this, it won’t move.


Then, mark the places that you’ll need to open holes.


Drill all the holes and paint everything with the black chalkboard paint. I used three coats to make it extra strong and pretty.

When it’s completely dry, take care of the hinge, using the nuts and bolts. I chose to paint the hinge black, thought it looked better.

Now it’s time to mark the places to paint white. Draw a line 5cm from the top of the main part. On that line, draw small marks spaced 3cm apart. Do the same thing on the top part of the clapper. Draw diagonal lines, making the pattern shown below.


Carefully paint the white pattern. I went nuts and did it without masking tape and it turned out fine but it could have been a huge mess. I used three coats of white to achieve that look.


After it is all completely dry, draw a line – and this is where you can be the most creative – dividing the clapper in as many parts as you want. I drew mine at about half the height and then the smaller line, at half the length.


But it turned out really cool! Right?


I loved making this. It was actually a lot simpler to make than I thought but it took so long! To paint and let dry each and every coat took about 4-5 days… but it turned out really cool and that was what I was hoping for! And it is a fully working clapper. It was used in the event and it was a success!

Source: somethingoneverything


Rainbow-themed spring art projects for kids

I love rainbows any time of the year, but they always make me think of spring. It’s probably because the bursts of colors are perfect as we’re seguing away from the drearier days of winter.


1. Tissue paper rainbow art puzzle | Fun-A-Day
2. Rainbow spin art | Babble Dabble Do
3. Painting a rainbow on plexiglass | Twodaloo
4. Black glue and salt watercolor rainbow | Mess for Less
5. Rainbow sticky window art | Building Blocks and Acorns
6. Racing rainbow painting with cars | Fantastic Fun and Learning
7. Waxy spiral rainbow art | Tiny Rotten Peanuts
8. Rainbows on bubble wrap | Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds
9. Rainbow art with baked cotton balls | Learn.Play.Imagine
10. Recycled Hanging Rainbows | Meri Cherry

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How to make yarn bag – Step by step

Yeah, everything is harmoniously want tapestry bag, but do not know how to do it? Ask me!

Although I do not know … But I have a picture that might help. Though even with pictures more questions than answers, but that until you start doing something with his hands, and the answers appear.

The main thing I know for sure – can not do without the cardboard box! Let’s start with perhaps the greatest, and then gradually move on to the small forms, okay? Well, that’s good

Like I said, just need thread and a cardboard box

First, we mark up, and stretch the incision base. Next, thread a needle and uh begin to weave? Or weave? In general, stretching thread between the base, here.

There weave pattern. Although this step is optional, and you can try without it. Especially if our yarn interesting color combinations, you should have very bad

First design, then the calculation and selection of colors, with this and all the work begins

Then we are looking for cardboard, mark up and stretch the foundation

Knobs to the bag. One of the options

And it results

Ruth, incidentally, lots of work in this technique

I now like this gray bag. Stripe design copied from the pebble-stone found at sea

And now almost completely finished bag

This is a closed valve

And other works of Ruth

If all of a sudden none of the work is not liked, then there are thoughts which can accommodate custom yarn, can someone they will push to create their masterpieces?

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Different Stylish Frock Design Collection

A Beautiful assortment of styles frock design for women has been introduced by totally different illustrious designers. As each lady is watching for new garments for decorating her wardrobe thus she ought to be able to go market as a result of of these dresses are obtainable in leading stores. this point the leading designers are showing some experimental frock designs so you’ll be able to strive distinctive a distinct and unique issue to create your temperament fashionable.
























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DIY Stylish Jeweled Heels Sandals Tutorial

DIY your own Jeweled Heels Sandals pair. Nothing makes you feel so good like shoes. New gorgeous fashionable shoes! Well, thanks to DIY genius Erica of Honestly WTF you don’t have to break the bank for the bejeweled belles. Click HERE to see her Miu-Miu inspired heels.


You’ll need:

  • a pair of heeled shoes
  • 40-50 large and medium (10-15 mm) multi-shaped rhinestones
  • 30-40 small (3-6 mm) round rhinestones
  • E-6000 glue
  • tweezers
  • small dish or container
  • toothpick
  • flat nose pliers (optional)








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