Beautiful Indian Mehndi Design For Hand 2018

Beautiful Indian Mehndi Design For Hand -Step By Step (Tutorial)

How to make spot painted jars

How to make spot painted jars

For work we will need:
– oilcloth;
– Paint on glass – black;
– circuits on the glass – gold, bronze, purple, metallic purple, dark red, green, metallic green, metallic purple, light gold, red, bright gold;
– acrylic lacquer;
– Painting tape;
– a white pencil;
– alcohol and cotton wool;
– album sheet;
– a simple pencil;
– scissors;
– foam rubber;
– good mood and desire – is not discussed

We soak the jar in water with any detergent solution to remove the labels. We rub it with alcohol until the squeak. We paste the masking tape with the top of the jar, where the carving is, so that the paint does not accidentally get there.

It will not be exactly straight, but it’s not scary, because everything is leveled by dots. Now take the black paint on the glass. I took Dekal. Foam, apply the paint on the rest of the surface. Do not hurry and “poke” until the “orange peel” disappears.

We put to dry up the bottom.

When it dries, apply the second layer just as gently. In order not to leave the gaps, look inside the jars – so everything is noticeable. We remove the paint tape.

Again leave for a good drying … Dry it. We cover with a varnish on one layer. If the lacquer is thick, a little (not more than 10%!) Dilute with water. We dry very well.

Now determine the pattern. I am marking the edges of the thickenings with dots.

I measure the circumference of a paper strip, cut off excess.

I fold the strip so that I get 6 identical parts – applying this strip, we divide the picture into parts without calculations.

Ruler measure the middle part of the jar – from thickening to thickening. I transfer all these dimensions to paper and sketch the drawing.

So, the varnish has dried up, and you can start drawing the picture on the background. With a white pencil I trace all the lines and carefully put the sheet to the jar, iron it to print, and also carefully remove it. The figure is clearly visible.

Here now begins the most interesting. Painting. For a basis I shall take gold that it was combined with color of a cover – it is good in itself, and consequently I will not touch it.

I take a gold color outline and apply points along the lines of large droplet elements.

Small curls – bronze, and inside the large drops in a checkerboard pattern I go through the points of bright gold (Pebeo).

I leave to dry. After it dries well, I take a cotton swab and erase the pencil markings – it is no longer needed.

Again we pass to the drops. Then I work on the peephole, without marking. If you do not trust yourself, then you can draw a line with a pencil. Inside the big drops, we make smaller drops, but now the outer line of the points is bright gold, and the inner line is gold. The curls inside are either poured or densely punctured by a purple metallic.

When everything is dry, take the purple outline and do the finishing touches. If you do not wait until it dries, you can accidentally touch and damage the gold points – it will be ugly.

Inside, make out big and small dots of green, purple and dark red. Between the curls the remaining space occupies one more point – in the center and two smaller – along the edges, also of a dark red color.

We pass to the marking of thickenings – in the photo above you can see how I noticed the thickening on the jar in the beginning of the work. Here, using this markup, we make gold chains on the whole circle from above and below.

If you do not rely on your eye, then you can make a markup, and I’m by eye – the upper and lower bands divide into triangles. In the triangles I put dots – on the top – violet and green, and from below the petals and dots – in the photo it is visible. From below I use purple and green metallic, dark red and gold.

We can decorate the jar. At the bottoms of the drops we put two gold points, and on both sides of the wide part of the drops there are red dots with two petals (in the photographs below it is visible)

You can go to the bottom. We turn the jar and along the golden chain of points we make a purple (metallic) chessboard and then gold again. Three more of the same series is done directly at the very bottom. The ideal circle can not turn out because of convex bukovok on the jar (I’m from under Cibo)

Now fill the bottom with an arbitrary pattern, and between the triple chains make the purple strokes. Leave to dry.

We had only to decorate the upper edge, where the paint tape was glued. Let’s go too with a purple and gold chain of dots – and the edge will turn out neat and smooth.
Who likes to shine, can glitterom put on 3-5 points on the curls.

After drying, we cover the jar with a protective varnish (if desired). Here’s what happened as a result

The husband has adapted this jar to his coffee, carries it to work).

I hope that somebody will come in handy for a master class. Create with pleasure!

courtesy: stranamasterov

Beautiful Small Paper Flowers – Step by step (Tutorial)

I want to share with you the stages of the manufacture of fine paper flowers. We will make three kinds of colors: Small tulips, white flowers, and simple small flowers. In this photo – white flowers and tulips.

For work, we need materials and tools: Punches “Flower”, ink pads, paper for watercolor, PVA glue, waxed cord, all, DOTS (a device with a ball on the end of the embossing), felt-tip pen with ribbed cap (pictured pink), rubber mat batik, water tank, stamens (not pictured).

The first flower that we do – tulip.

  • Using a hole punch to make blank colors of watercolor paper.
  • Ink pads and touch up the edge of the middle of a flower.
  • Moisten with water harvesting.
  • Put flowers on a piece of gauze to soak up excess moisture.

  • The wet preform flower put on a rubber mat and a tool for stamping to shape the petals, performing with the pressure from the edges of the petals to the center. The result will be is such a blank.
  • All to make a hole in the center.
  • To take the stem waxed cord. At the end of the cord to make a knot.
  • Cut the stems, tying the knot.

  • Next, put a flower on blank Schnur- stalk.
  • The knot on the end of string dipped in PVA glue.
  • Begins to form a cup of a tulip: raise to the center opposite the petals and fasten them to the node with the adhesive.
  • A slightly different angle.
  • Add the paste to the other petals and fix.
  • Tulip is ready. Admiring the finished result.

  • Next flower – white, it reminds me of apple flowers. Use the hole punch of watercolor paper to make harvesting flowers.
  • Inkpad pink paint over the edge of colors.
  • Moisten the flowers and put on the gauze, in order to absorb excess water.
  • The wet preform placed on the rubber mat. Ribbed cap pen makes the petals form. From the edge of the petal to hold pen cap with the push towards the center.
  • Cap the marker placed in the center of the flower and lightly press to pitch lifted.
  • The resulting preform should dry (not wet).
  • Flower consists of two pieces. Petals flower top blanks have to look up. In the center make a hole with an awl.

  • Then collect Flower. Stamens inserted into the hole, first dress up the blank with the petals, then – down the petals.
  • We fix the petals together with white glue.
  • The flower is ready. We admire the result.
  • And the latest we will do here such small flowers. We will need to punch and stamens.

  • Punchers (I diameter of 1cm flower.) To make a harvesting flower.
  • Inkpad stained edges of petals.
  • Moisturizing workpiece.
  • Spread on batik.

  • The wet preform flower embossed on the rubber mat, holding with pressure from the edge of the petal to the center.
  • Overturn the workpiece. Embossing tool to press in the center of the flower, the petals lifted.
  • The result here are the flowers.
  • We will use the stamen of the flower to midway.
  • All to make a hole in the center.

Stamens fluff glue and put a flower.

Flowers ready.

These are not complicated colors are obtained as a result, they can be used in postcards, crafts for decoration, etc.

Hope you like this beautiful small paper flowers.