How to make bullion rose for kurti neck

There are probably as many ways to make a bullion rose as there are people making them. I would like to include my take on the classic spiral bullion. These instructions are for big chunky roses as shown on the kurti.

Spiral Bullion Rose:
-work with three strands of floss and a # 7 milliners needle

-it is helpful to interface the area behind the embroidery

-use three colors of floss plus a green. Use a contrast for the center and two shades of pink or red (a light and a

-medium shade) for the spiral rose petals. Use the darker shade for the center fifteen wrap spiral bullions and

-the lighter shade for the outer twenty-two wrap spiral bullions.

-the spiral bullion is made in four sections (colors):

-center – one, five wrap bullion and two, ten wrap bullions

-inner petals – six, fifteen wrap spirals

-outer petals – eight, twenty-two wrap spirals

-leaf base – four, twenty-four wrap spirals

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