Super easy beautiful rangoli design (Tutorial)

Super easy beautiful rangoli design

How to make designer embroidery blouse

Trending designer embroidery blouse: We can count on pearls to add beauty and charm to just about anything – even as work on blouses. Among all the kinds of gems and jewels that are being used for crafting some gorgeous work on blouses, pearls are some of the classiest and the best. Pearl work blouse designs can add a definite classiness to the saree attire, be it a kanjeevaram or a fancy saree.

Trending potli sleeves design making tutorial

A well-designed sleeve is very important to creating a top or jacket that fits comfortably. Get your correct measurements before you begin. Please view the following step-by-step instructions and accompanying video and diagram to create the basic sleeve.

Hope you like this step by step tutorial.

How to make doll diya using plastic bottles

These cute Diya Dolls made from waste plastic bottles will add that cute welcoming look to your house….they look best when used as centerpieces or at outdoor tables….

Required Material:

  • waste plastic bottles
  • Acrylic colours
  • wire
  • tea light candles
  • shilpkar clay
  • glitter stones(optional)

How to Make a Handbag at Home

Make a Different Types Handbag at Home

How To Decorate a HandBag | Bag Decorating Ideas and Tips

DIY Easy Tote Bag Decoration:

Rajasthani Jola Making/Cutting/Sewing/Stitching from Fabric

DIY Easy and Beautiful Bag:

Handbag stitching and cutting in Hindi

Bag making tutorial in hindi mango shape handbag

super handbag make at home/handbag cutting sewing in hindi

How to make a designer handbag

How to Make Textile Fabric Beads

I want to share one of the options for establishing a textile fabric beads. I think that the MC will be interesting not only craftsmen who master the techniques in jewelry, but also to anyone interested in textiles. In the end, I turned the bracelet and a few beads for a necklace. Make a decoration under the force of each, just need a little time, patience, and very carefully.

So, we need tools such as needle for beads, sharp end of scissors, pliers, awl:

From the materials we stock up with a patchwork cloth (high-quality cotton), a piece of holo fiber or a sintepon , the thread in this case I took # 30 for the detachment of jeans, I have Czech beads No. 10 Preciosa, from the accessories – hats for beads or hugs (I have 12mm in diameter), pins, double rings, carbine :

courtesy:  livemaster