Beautiful Diwali special flower rangoli design, using strainer step by step

Beautiful Diwali special flower rangoli design, using strainer

Simple Step By Step Mehndi Design for Hands

Here is a step by step easy mehndi design for hands! If you are a beginner, this simple tutorial might be for you. Here I will show you how to draw mango design using mehndi. Mango is a common design in both Arabic and Indian mehndi. You can easily master this art if you can draw some simple patterns.

Simple Mehndi Design For Hands

Let us start with a mango design. Instead of hands, I have chosen to draw the designs on a white paper(Could not experiment on my own hands). Try to freely draw a pattern as shown in the figure below. Practice several times until you get a perfect mango shape. Inside the mango outline, you can draw any design as you wish. Often the outlines matter! Filling a pattern is quite easy. Believe me, this one is super cool if you are really interested in studying mehndi designing.

Draw lines so that you get a cross of lines inside the mango. Fill the pattern with a chess-like design. Now you will get a design which we usually call as “Indian mehndi design”.

Let us try something different now. Draw the mango outline and try to draw simple floral patterns as shown in the image. These designs are only meant for beginners in this art. Here I have shown some of the basic mehndi designs which help you to draw beautiful Arabic mehndi designs. Try out these designs and patterns today! ?

Hope you like mehndi design for hands.

courtesy: lifechilli

DIY Stylish Jeweled Heels Sandals Tutorial

DIY your own Jeweled Heels Sandals pair. Nothing makes you feel so good like shoes. New gorgeous fashionable shoes! Well, thanks to DIY genius Erica of Honestly WTF you don’t have to break the bank for the bejeweled belles. Click HERE to see her Miu-Miu inspired heels.


You’ll need:

  • a pair of heeled shoes
  • 40-50 large and medium (10-15 mm) multi-shaped rhinestones
  • 30-40 small (3-6 mm) round rhinestones
  • E-6000 glue
  • tweezers
  • small dish or container
  • toothpick
  • flat nose pliers (optional)








Hope you like this jeweled heels sandals tutorial.