How to make Quilled Peacock Earrings

How to make Quilled Peacock Earrings/ DIY Quilling Jhumka/ Quilling Earring – Step By Step (Tutorial)

How to make paper swing with quilling doll

Paper Swing with Quilling Doll/ Quilling Show Piece/3D Quilling Girl/Quilled Swing:

Hi Friends! This tutorial is about how to make quilling girl with 3 dimension effect and paper swing with step by step procedure.

DIY Home Decor With Paper Quilling Art

Quilling art always favorite amongst kids as an easy quilling art project for kids, takes less time and yields quick and colorful results.

Quilling patterns and quilling designs cover a wide range of themes from nature and lifestyle. Quilling craft ideas can be anything from making a wall decor to wall frames using quilling art to creating designs for elegant Quilling Home decor and DIY Crafts!

Step 1: Material Required

Required material for making this fabulous art:

  • Thermocol balls
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard
  • Scale
  • Quilling strips
  • Glittered paper
  • Colored papers

Step 2: Make the Base for Your Craft!

Begin your Quilling art, with a cardboard in the dimensions of 45 cm by 28 cm lengthwise by breadth wise respectively.

Take glitter paper in black and white color in A4 size and paste them on the cardboard using adhesive and making the cardboard look half black and half white lengthwise as shown above.

Draw the rough outline of the Duck’s body on the glitter paper.

Step 3: Make Colorful Coils.

Take a pink quilling strip and with the help of a quilling needle make a closed coil. Give it the shape of a tear drop and make multiple tear drop shaped coils in colors of sky blue, cyan, baby pink and saffron.

Start pasting the tear shaped coils in the shape of a duck giving it an outline in baby pin coils, and continue the second half in colors of sky blue, mint green and saffron.

Step 4: Add Detailing!

Join 2 quilling strips of dark green and sap green color and make a closed coil. Loosen it a little and give it the shape of a leaf by tapering it from one end. Make multiple leaves combining different shades of green.

Arrange and paste these leaves on both the side of the duck in a plant like pattern.

Step 5: Your Quilling Craft Is Ready!

Watch Full video tutorial here:

Hope you like this quilling art tutorial.

DIY Paper Quilling cosmos Craft tutorial

DIY Paper Quilling cosmos Craft tutorial: Paper Quilling is the paper cut into strips, roll, squeeze out the shape and form the work piece to be shaped like the desired equipment for paper rolls.

  • In this composition, 9 flowers: 3 white, 3 pink and 3 red.
  • Each floret with 10 petals (although in this Cosmos 8 petals)
  • And each lobe, in its turn, consists of a strip of 2 mm in width and 29. 7 cm in length.

Hope you like this yarn bag tutorial.

Courtesy: Ctpaha Mactepob

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