How to make recycled newspaper wall hanging (Tutorial)

DIY Crafts: How to make recycled newspaper wall hanging (Tutorial)


Hope you like this recycled newspaper wall hanging.

DIY Crafts: Howto make Realistic Paper Pot for wall hanging

Hi Folk, This tutorial shows how to make realistic looking pots using waste newspaper? Yes, It’s possible. You can make with this technique that showing in this article, you will be able to make a pot of any shape of your choice.

This is a best out of waste craft where the major ingredients are Newspaper and Ceramic powder. You need a metal kalash (or pot) and you can easily replicate its shape with this technique. You can use this creative paper pot craft to decorate your home. People will never recognize that it is made up of newspaper and not a metal. Only when they touch it, then they will realize it.

You can watch full video tutorial-

Hope you like this Realistic Paper Pot for wall hanging tutorial.

How to make Newspaper Tubes Pen Stand

Newspaper Pen Stand / Best out of Waste / How to make Pen / Pencil Stand:

Hi everyone! In this tutorial you will find how to make Newspaper Pen stand/ pen holder with step by step instructions.

Required Material:

  • Newspaper
  • Scissor
  • Pearl Chain
  • Glue
  • Brown Acrylic Color
  • Painting Brush
  • Stones
  • Craft Mirrors

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How to Make Waterproof Newspaper Pot

How to Make Waterproof Paper Pot | Newspaper Pot Making:

Friends, how’s the idea of making a waterproof paper pot? Yes, it is possible to make a complete waterproof bowl or pot using newspaper and ceramic that can be used as a showpiece, decorative item or center piece in your house. Such paper pots are difficult to identify that they are made with newspaper and people often get surprised when they know this fact about it!

This is the power of ceramic powder that gives this pot the strength to hold the water in it. It also makes it glossy and clean so that it is easy to paint and decorate it using beads and pearls. In this very craft we have made use of raw materials like newspapers, glue, ceramic powder, plastic ball, scissors, sand paper, acrylic colors and pearls and beads for decoration.

Just follow the simple steps shown in this tutorial and you will have this amazingly creative paper pot ready to decorate your home.

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How To Make Newspaper Bonsai Tree at Home


How to Make Newspaper Bonsai Tree | DIY Newspaper Recycling Craft | DIY Home Decor:

Friends, in this tutorial we are showing how to make a very realistic and beautiful Bonsai tree that is purely made using raw newspapers and plaster of paris.

Yes, you heard it right! This bonsai tree is made using newspapers and it looks so real that anyone will be amazed after seeing it.

You can keep this paper tree in the corner of your drawing room or bedroom and use as a home decor. It will certainly enhance the beauty of your house by adding the natural charm to the entire atmosphere.

This is an eco-friedly craft where raw newspapers are moulded and used to form the trunk of the tree. The base of this room decor craft is made using mount board which is a thick card board paper and is easily available in any stationary store. The plaster of paris is used in this craft instead of ceramic powder since it is dried more quickly than the ceramic and that was the need of this very craft.

The shape of branches of this paper tree is obtained using aluminium wire. We have used the plastic readymade leaves in this craft due to the lack of time, but you can make the leaves yourself using paper and paint them green. Our tree is ladden with red cherry fruits those are made using thermocol/ styrofoam balls.

To give it a more realistic look, we have used the real sand and spread it over the base. Finally the compound wall is made using ice-cream sticks.

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How to Make Newspaper & Old CD Decorative Pot

DIY Newspaper & Old CD Decorative Pot / DIY Flower vase / DIY Pen Stand / DIY old cd craft / Best out of waste:

Required Material:

  • Newspaper
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scissor
  • Glitter
  • Ball Pen Refill
  • White Craft Glue
  • Acrylic Color
  • Paint Brush
  • Synthetic Glue
  • Old CD
  • Marker Pen

Mixwhite craft glue with little water and apply as shown.

Then apply acrylic color of your choice.

Hope you like this newspaper & old cd decorative pot.