Jewelry box decorated with artificial pearls (Tutorial)

Recomposed with artificial pearl necklace broken a jeweler or a box of china to save whatever we want, candies, chocolates or what we prefer. Those old and artificial pearl long necklaces serve to this idea. Let’s see this simple process that does not require any skill.

The truth is that broken or unused jewelry offers plenty of time to decorate and transform objects. For this creation need little thing:

Required Materials:

  • Artificial pearls
  • Porcelain box with lid
  • A decorative element
  • Glue jewelry

The box has a lovely kitsch look that stands out in any place where we place. And will the practical use we want, as we have already said we can give you the use we require.

In a bowl or other container will place all artificial pearls at our disposal by removing the old collar. We will clean the lid of our box of porcelain with alcohol or acetone and lint-free cloth. Let it dry and proceed to stick pearls, if we have different best size for so we can go play with the different beads and cover all the gaps. The most important point in this paper is to cover the entire surface of the lid porcelain well and also ensure that it is in the most aesthetic way possible. When we all lined cap beads we can paste some other decorative part in the center that will serve as garnish apart from handle to lift the lid.

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