Best Round Mehndi Designs or Circle Henna Designs

Round patterns give an entirely different look to the hands. These round shaped mehndi designs are suitable for almost all occasions. Round patterns give an entirely different look to the hands. These round shaped mehndi designs are suitable for almost all occasions and the fine detailing on the fingers make these designs traditional and are good options for festivals as well as for bridal mehndi functions. The round shape is popularly known as mandala which is very common in a bridal mehndi design.

Hope you like these Round Mehndi Designs.

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DIY Craft for Girls : Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower Hair Accessory

Learn how to make a Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower Hair Accessory. An easy to make DIY Hair Bow Tutorial with step by step Instructions that will easily guide you through to make a Colorful Satin Ribbon Flower.

Make such fun Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Craft Flowers that you can make to use for your Gift Wrapping Projects or to make Floral headband and also as a Decorative Craft idea.

Step 1: Material Required!

Required Material:

  • Satin Ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Adhesive
  • Decorative Stones
  • Glue Gun & Stick
  • Foam Sheet
  • Thread & Needle
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber Band

Step 2: Let’s Begin!

Step 3: Add Colors!

Step 4: Make the Last Flower.

Step 5: Add the Hair Bow

Step 6: Your DIY Multicolored Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower Is Ready!

Watch Full video Tutorial (Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower)

Hope you like this Multicolored Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower!

Simple Step By Step Mehndi Design for Hands

Here is a step by step easy mehndi design for hands! If you are a beginner, this simple tutorial might be for you. Here I will show you how to draw mango design using mehndi. Mango is a common design in both Arabic and Indian mehndi. You can easily master this art if you can draw some simple patterns.

Simple Mehndi Design For Hands

Let us start with a mango design. Instead of hands, I have chosen to draw the designs on a white paper(Could not experiment on my own hands). Try to freely draw a pattern as shown in the figure below. Practice several times until you get a perfect mango shape. Inside the mango outline, you can draw any design as you wish. Often the outlines matter! Filling a pattern is quite easy. Believe me, this one is super cool if you are really interested in studying mehndi designing.

Draw lines so that you get a cross of lines inside the mango. Fill the pattern with a chess-like design. Now you will get a design which we usually call as “Indian mehndi design”.

Let us try something different now. Draw the mango outline and try to draw simple floral patterns as shown in the image. These designs are only meant for beginners in this art. Here I have shown some of the basic mehndi designs which help you to draw beautiful Arabic mehndi designs. Try out these designs and patterns today! ?

Hope you like mehndi design for hands.

courtesy: lifechilli

How to Make a Beaded Butterfly Necklace

This tutorial will share a beaded butterfly necklace with you all, hope you will like it and make one later. Follow me to see how to make a beads necklace with butterfly now Step 1: Supplies You’ll Need in Making the 3-strand Beaded Necklace:

6x4MM Faceted Drop Glass Beads

6MM White Round Glass Pearl Beads

6MM Pink Faceted Bicone Glass Beads

6MM Brown Faceted Round Glass Beads

4MM Clear Faceted Abacus Glass Beads

2MM Blue Round Glass Beads

3MM Yellow Round Glass Pearl Beads

Silver Flower Chandelier Component Findings

12x8MM Faceted Drop Glass Beads

Magnetic Tube Slide Lock Clasps

21x15MM White Drop Acrylic Rhinestone Beads

17x13x6MM Drop Synthetic Turquoise Beads

White Felt

0.5MM Silver Copper Jewelry Wire

0.3MM Silver Tiger Tail Wire


Glue Gun

Knitting Needles

White Sewing Thread

Step 2: Make a Basic Butterfly Pattern

1st, tailor a piece of butterfly shape with white felt;

2nd cut a piece of copper wire and slide a 3mm yellow pearl bead to middle of it;

3rd, add a brown 12x8mm drop glass bead to both ends of the wire and slide 6m yellow pearl beads, a clear abacus glass bead, a pink drop glass bead and a yellow pearl bead to each wire respectively on sequence, then cross both wires back through the beads to fix them;

4th, glue a white drop acrylic rhinestone bead and a drop turquoise bead to both wings of the felt butterfly as pictured;

5th, glue the ready bead pattern onto the middle of the butterfly as tentacle with hot glue gun.

Step 3: Add More Beads to the Felt Butterfly

1st, sew enough blue seed beads around the wing of the butterfly with needle and white sewing thread;

2nd, continue to sew enough blue seed beads around other 3 wings of the butterfly as pictured;

3rd, slide enough clear abacus glass beads and yellow pearl beads alternatively to the white sewing thread and sew them around the blue seed beads of the wings as pictured;

4th saw 2 brown faceted round glass beads and a yellow pearl bead in sequence to the middle of the butterfly as body pattern.

Step 4: Finish the Beaded Butterfly Pattern

1st, sew enough blue seed beads to middle of the butterfly around the brown glass beads;

2nd, sew a pink faceted bicone glass bead to both lower wings of the butterfly and sew a pink faceted bicone glass bead beside the wings as pictured;

3rd, sew 3 clear abacus glass beads to edge of both upper wings respectively;

4th, add a flower chandelier component finding to the left lower wing and the right upper wing with a glue gun.

Step 5: Add 3 Beaded Strands to the Necklace

1st cut 6 long pieces of tiger tail wire, fold then in half and tie each of them to the flower chandelier component findings one by one;

2nd, slide enough 6mm white pearl beads and 6mm pink bicone glass beads to all the wires in sequence as pictured.

Step 6: Finish the 3-strand Beaded Necklace

Add a side lock clasp to both ends of the necklace and tie the wires with the clasp firmly and cut off the excess wires.

Step 7: Here Is the Final Look of the Beaded Butterfly Necklace.

Now this beaded butterfly necklace is finished, how do you like it?

courtesy: DasiyD

How to make yarn bag – Step by step

Yeah, everything is harmoniously want tapestry bag, but do not know how to do it? Ask me!

Although I do not know … But I have a picture that might help. Though even with pictures more questions than answers, but that until you start doing something with his hands, and the answers appear.

The main thing I know for sure – can not do without the cardboard box! Let’s start with perhaps the greatest, and then gradually move on to the small forms, okay? Well, that’s good

Like I said, just need thread and a cardboard box

First, we mark up, and stretch the incision base. Next, thread a needle and uh begin to weave? Or weave? In general, stretching thread between the base, here.

There weave pattern. Although this step is optional, and you can try without it. Especially if our yarn interesting color combinations, you should have very bad

First design, then the calculation and selection of colors, with this and all the work begins

Then we are looking for cardboard, mark up and stretch the foundation

Knobs to the bag. One of the options

And it results

Ruth, incidentally, lots of work in this technique

I now like this gray bag. Stripe design copied from the pebble-stone found at sea

And now almost completely finished bag

This is a closed valve

And other works of Ruth

If all of a sudden none of the work is not liked, then there are thoughts which can accommodate custom yarn, can someone they will push to create their masterpieces?

Hope you like this yarn bag tutorial.


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DIY Stylish Jeweled Heels Sandals Tutorial

DIY your own Jeweled Heels Sandals pair. Nothing makes you feel so good like shoes. New gorgeous fashionable shoes! Well, thanks to DIY genius Erica of Honestly WTF you don’t have to break the bank for the bejeweled belles. Click HERE to see her Miu-Miu inspired heels.


You’ll need:

  • a pair of heeled shoes
  • 40-50 large and medium (10-15 mm) multi-shaped rhinestones
  • 30-40 small (3-6 mm) round rhinestones
  • E-6000 glue
  • tweezers
  • small dish or container
  • toothpick
  • flat nose pliers (optional)








Hope you like this jeweled heels sandals tutorial.

Beautiful Casket Ideas (Tutorial)

DIY Casket of a scotch reel:

Required Material:

  • double sided tape
  • fabric
  • bias binding
  • cardboard
  • thin plastic
  • foam pipe system store (approximate price – 20rub.)
  • masking tape
  • yarn and hosiery needles or sleeve of the old but beautiful sweater)))
  • felt
  • beads
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • Melt

To take first reel of adhesive tape or any other container suitable for round boxes. Need to be covered with strips of double-sided tape on the inside edge and the outside of the bobbin on the opposite side.

Strip of fabric glue on one side butt to the edge, on the other hand incision the edge of the fabric and fold like the picture (can be on top of the usual fix tape). Inside the end of the strip of fabric to wrap and glue a strip of double-sided tape on.

Melt glue one edge of the bias binding as in the picture. Gently fold the end and glue. Unscrew Bakey, smooth edge and glue in a few places.

Cut a piece of fabric, cardboard to make “sun.” Fabric pull on the bobbin and paste Melt edge in several places.

Further below we add “sun” and glue it “rays” to the reel.

Purchased in advance in the system store the foam pipe cut along, we need a third of its width. Try on a bobbin and cut the excess.

Remove the foam rubber ring, a piece of cloth covering the bottom of the board, and fasten the edges Melt put on the ring. Now you can go relax on the couch and tie stockings

Associated stocking try on a bobbin, closing the loop and fasten (Thermo) to the bottom of the box, and then on top. (For stocking I gained 100 loops and knitted elastic band 1×1.)

Cap. Cut a circle of cardboard or thin plastic (plain folder) by the diameter of the spool, for a pattern, I took another reel. From a piece of the same fabric cut out a circle is gathered on the edge and pulled thread.

Getting to the decor.

petals cut out of felt in two sizes. The edges of each petal Melt glue. Sticking two rows to the bottom – a circle of felt (smaller than about 1.5 cm cap diameter).

Collect flower and do the middle of a – a circle cut curved scissors.

Decorate with beads. Each sewn to the petals and  then all glued to the flower.

The lid is secured to the box in the same piece of felt and then fasten the flower.

And here are a few ideas I propose to look caskets.

Hope you like this yarn bag tutorial.


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Jewelry box decorated with artificial pearls (Tutorial)

Recomposed with artificial pearl necklace broken a jeweler or a box of china to save whatever we want, candies, chocolates or what we prefer. Those old and artificial pearl long necklaces serve to this idea. Let’s see this simple process that does not require any skill.

The truth is that broken or unused jewelry offers plenty of time to decorate and transform objects. For this creation need little thing:

Required Materials:

  • Artificial pearls
  • Porcelain box with lid
  • A decorative element
  • Glue jewelry

The box has a lovely kitsch look that stands out in any place where we place. And will the practical use we want, as we have already said we can give you the use we require.

In a bowl or other container will place all artificial pearls at our disposal by removing the old collar. We will clean the lid of our box of porcelain with alcohol or acetone and lint-free cloth. Let it dry and proceed to stick pearls, if we have different best size for so we can go play with the different beads and cover all the gaps. The most important point in this paper is to cover the entire surface of the lid porcelain well and also ensure that it is in the most aesthetic way possible. When we all lined cap beads we can paste some other decorative part in the center that will serve as garnish apart from handle to lift the lid.

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Hope you like this Jewelry box tutorial.


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