Border Hand Embroidery Designs For Beginners Tutorial

Border hand embroidery designs for beginners – Step By Step (Video Tutorial)

Stylish saree blouse and lehenga blouse designs

Get some serious fashion inspiration for ruling Saree and Lehenga Blouse Designs that are set to rule in the coming season and year 2018. Check this space for more future updates on saree blouse and lehenga blouses.

Hope you like these blouse designs.

How to make bullion rose for kurti neck

There are probably as many ways to make a bullion rose as there are people making them. I would like to include my take on the classic spiral bullion. These instructions are for big chunky roses as shown on the kurti.

Spiral Bullion Rose:
-work with three strands of floss and a # 7 milliners needle

-it is helpful to interface the area behind the embroidery

-use three colors of floss plus a green. Use a contrast for the center and two shades of pink or red (a light and a

-medium shade) for the spiral rose petals. Use the darker shade for the center fifteen wrap spiral bullions and

-the lighter shade for the outer twenty-two wrap spiral bullions.

-the spiral bullion is made in four sections (colors):

-center – one, five wrap bullion and two, ten wrap bullions

-inner petals – six, fifteen wrap spirals

-outer petals – eight, twenty-two wrap spirals

-leaf base – four, twenty-four wrap spirals

Easy Hand Embroidery Stitches for Beginners – Tutorial

Simple and Easy Hand Embroidery Stitches for Beginners – Tutorial

Playing with stitches is a good way to reinvigorate your needlework. It can help you take your stitching beyond a set repertoire of the same repeated stitches, adding a whole new excitement to your embroidery.

  • 12 Easy Stitch for beginners:
  1. Running Stitch
  2. Laced Running Stitch
  3. Chain Stitch
  4. Cross Stitch
  5. Stem Stitch
  6. Fly Stitch
  7. Cross Stitch
  8. Chain Stitch
  9. Bead Stitch
  10. Blanket Stitch
  11. French Knot Stitch
  12. Lazy Daizy Stitch

8 Basic stitches for beginners hand embroidery