Border Hand Embroidery Designs For Beginners Tutorial

Border hand embroidery designs for beginners – Step By Step (Video Tutorial)

How to Woven Picot Stitch with Wool

Woven Picot Stitch with Wool:

I usually stitch the woven picot with pearl cotton. The first thing I noticed using wool is how quickly you can stitch it up – less weaving since the wool is so thick.

Here are the finished flower petals.

I added woven picot leaves and white french knots for the center of the flower.

I love how it looks with the tapestry wool.

DIY: Handmade Ribbon Embroidery Design (Tutorial)

This tutorial shows how to embroider one of the most beautiful flowers.


  •  Fabric Gabardine (or other);
  •  satin ribbons 3, 6 and 12 mm or strip of artificial silk 4, 7 and 13 mm;
  •  hoop, scissors, lighter;
  •  Needles for embroidery.

Hope you like this Ribbon Embroidery Design tutorial.

Courtesy: K4craft Community

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