How to make Newspaper lantern (using Plastic bottle and Newspaper )

How to make Newspaper lantern (using Plastic bottle and Newspaper )| Newspaper craft – Step By Step (Tutorial)

How to make “Dymkovo Toys” from Plastic bottles

Dymkovo toys, also known as the Vyatka toys or Kirov toys are moulded painted clay figures of people and animals. It is one of the old Russian folk art handicrafts, which still exists in a village of Dymkovo near Kirov.

The Dymkovo toy is a unique handmade work. They never repeat. You will not find two identical Dymkovo toys, even if they were created by the same master. Dymkov toys are molded from bright red clay, then burned and subsequently decorated. The process is very exciting, but requires special skills, materials, furnaces. I suggest an interesting idea, using it, you can easily make a toy yourself and give it as a souvenir, for example, in a kindergarten or friends.

Required Material:

  • A plastic bottle;
  • Sculptural clay or ordinary children’s clay;
  • Paints;
  • Brush;
  • Flour;
  • Sharp scissors.


    1. First of all, it is necessary to cut the neck at the bottle with the help of sharp scissors. You should get a blank for the future Dymkovo toy

2. Now it is necessary to glue the resulting blank from a plastic bottle with plasticine. It is very important to make a smooth and neat layer without divorce and unevenness.

3. The next stage – build a small plasticine ball, which will act as a head in the future Dymkovo toy. Be sure to make a tall kokoshnik from clay, braid a braid, dress a wreath, etc. Do not forget about your hands, as well as all sorts of additional elements: a basket, a handbag, a bucket, a child, a samovar, etc.

4. Now the plasticine form should be thoroughly smeared with flour, this is necessary in order for the paint (for example, gouache) to lie well and not get lost in drops.

5. Then we proceed to painting and decorating. Before the beginning, cover the whole figure with the flour in a single white color. Wait until the white layer has dried, and proceed to the creative process, painting.

Below, examples of patterns and colors that are used for decorating Dymkovo toys.

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DIY: how to make paper pendant lamp (Tutorial)

This tutorial shows how to make a paper pendant lamp. There are tens of tutorials out there with detailed instructions on how to make an absolutely unique lamp with minimal resources. Are you going to give it a try?

Hope you like this paper pendant lamp – step by step tutorial.

DIY Cheerful Clown Pop-up Card – Step by step (Tutorial)

Christmas, when everyone around is cheerful, give gifts! Let’s use this and make ourselves (or a girlfriend) another gift-a cheerful clown with gifts, because what can be funnier than clowns and nicer gifts ???

I’ve been seeing a lot of pop-up cards around the web lately, all using very intricate, sometimes complicated folding and glueing techniques. Since I’m really more of the simple-diy-lover, I’ve put together a quick and versatile pop-up card tutorial. The idea is that you can use one basic technique for an endless amount of different pop-up cards.

Postcard magic: When you open it, because of boxes with gifts-SURPRISZZZ !!!!!! – a cheerful clown departs

And when you close the postcard, the clown hides again!

Here are the templates: Note the pieces of white paper at the bottom, on their shape, it’s important!

First, gifts. Cut out with a white stripe about 1 – 1.5 cm. Folded on the corner of the purple box.

Typical errors, which this time I did not escape. And the old woman is proruha!

  • The strip should be slightly longer than the left edge of our presents (or the most prominent one in the arbitrary template you have chosen). Shown by red arrows.
  • The fold of the strip is clearly in the corner of the box (the green arrow)
  • The halves of the bands should be of equal length.
    If you still make a mistake with the length of the strip, just cut out a new one and paste it on top of the old one. Then zadekoriruete place of gluing

  • Take the strip of paper-the basis of the postcard. The width is 14 cm, the length of the sections is 10-9.8-9.8-10 cm. To make the angles clearly formed, we make nadreziki: between 1 and 2, 3 and 4 sections, from the face, in the middle-from the inside. Clearly blur. Fold the card into the accordion.
  • Approximately in the middle of the strip between the 2 and 3 section we draw a very clear angle of 90 degrees. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! The length of the sides is about 2.5 cm.
    At a distance of about 1.5 cm from the bottom edge, we put the lines to mark the template with gifts.
  • Now, a horizontal slot connecting the top points of the triangle. Learn the angle to fold out: make cuts from the underside of inclined lines and from the face, on the bend of the triangle. We put it very clearly, we remember well the triangle. He now must independently fold and unfold at the opening of the postcard.
  • Lubricate PVA to the left side of the triangle.

We glue the red clown, that’s what the triangle was for at its base! The angle of the clown is clearly in the corner of the triangle!

The clown should easily turn out at closing and not get out of this card.

We paste the template with gifts on the bottom markup-remember, we left it in step 8? The convex corner of the template should lie clearly in the fold of the postcard when folded! We decorate the card with hearts and lace cutting, it is glued behind.

Now we take another strip of paper cut into the desired size (which one will like), and try on the back of our postcard. This will be her cover. We check that nothing gets out during the addition. We paste, if all is well.

If everything is done clearly, smoothly, with notches and smoothly muted, the postcard should be perfectly formed, the patterns do not interfere with each other.

We decorate the face of the cover. Clone paste on 1 layer of foamed double-sided adhesive tape, gifts-2 layers. It turned out such a voluminous postcard! And let the clown juggle with the hearts of the fans!

The back cover is also decorated.

Magic is ready, give with pleasure! Thank you!

Hope you like this Cheerful Clown Pop-up card tutorial.


How to make lotus flower frame with LED Lights

An amazing lotus flower! Autumn is the season after summer and before winter. In the United States this season is also called fall. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is often said to begin with the autumnal equinox in September and end with the winter solstice in December. The days are shorter, the sun is getting smaller. And so, in such rainy days, this magic LED lamp was born, giving wisdom and allowing one to look inward.

A wonderful flower! I already told a legend about him in one of my master classes- “Lotus Lake”.

Clean, gentle…

The basis was the drawing of the artist Anna Miarczynska. Well, I made a piece of my…

Contemplation, probably, this work could be called and so…

And you, perhaps, want to know how this is done?
Lotus is indeed a magical flower, it can not be spoiled, it is obtained by everyone and always! The main thing is the accuracy and thoroughness of execution.

In each flower – LED-light bulb.

It is a pity that the photo does not completely transfer every bend of the leaves…

We connect the wiring together and connect it to the power supply unit.

Well, in order to be absolutely beautiful, the frame is white! – we cord the cord with an ordinary white medical adhesive plaster.

This is a picture in the afternoon…

…and so it looks in the dark.

And in the frame at night:

and in the afternoon:

And here is a short video that allows you to get more acquainted with the work.

Hope you like this lotus flower frame step by step tutorial.


How to combine in a decoupage two napkins

I want to show you how I make 2 napkins on a plate…

I cut out a fragment of the liked napkin, glue in the usual way, we wait, when will dry up…

When the napkin has dried, glue the paint tape, as shown in the photo…

Cut out a picture knife for wallpaper…

We remove the excess scotch…

Our picture remained under the scotch…

We take another napkin with a suitable motive, try on…

I’m crocheting…

We cut out…

and glue napkin, the bottom edge of the napkin a little bit lies on the scotch, we just need…

that’s how it should turn out…
wait until it’s dry…

When the napkin is dry, use a knife to cut it out again along the scotch line…

and remove the remaining scotch…

that’s what happened…
then you can draw and whom you like…

here is a girl on different backgrounds…

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How to make a DIY desk organizer – Gift idea

The tin I’m talking about are those here! super simple thing to do! Simple right! And great to organize your things and for gift giving! These models even I sent to friends this holiday season!

Let us learn then ???? Bill of Materials – Latinha – Interfacing double-sided teclabel – Cotton Fabric Fernando Maluhy – Felts Santa Fe – Satin Ribbons – We Care About Buttons – embroidery threads – kite line nro 10 – Iron – hot glue – Scissors – sewing Needle How is something that gives to do with different types of tin will not be’ll get me the steps, okay? Each will adapt the tin you want! the one I used was one of those cookies, typical of this time of year-end!

1. Then the first step is to take the measure of the circumference of the can height and the same!

2. Then just scratching the measure in circumference and height at interlining double-sided, cut and pass the fabric! The use of the stabilizer is similar to the fusible famous!

3. Continue cutting the fabric in the size of the already glued interlining.

4. Then only remove the film from the interlining, that the fabric will be bonded. Then just stick it in the tin as if it were a label.

5. The tin will look like this, all coated

6. For a better finish, stick a satin ribbon around the entire can on the top and bottom! I used hot glue! This covers possible imperfections and prevents the fabric from fraying. For the finishing of the underside it is also possible to scratch the interlining with the height higher than the can. Then there will be a piece of fabric on the bottom, which you can paste on the bottom of the can and then cover with a felt circle, for example! I did so in the other can (in green).

7- For the tin to be even more functional and charming, I made a felt pocket to paste on the side. The clear size will depend on the size of the can. It must not be something neither too big nor too small! Choosing the size cut the rectangles into two pieces of felt! Here I also used the pruning shears! That is optional!

8. Overlap the two rectangles and stitch them all together! I take it and I already sew a button right in the middle of the pocket

9. To stick the bag in the can, I used the hot glue again! First lay the bottom, right over the end of the can. This part should be glued a little shirring, so there is space inside the pocket. Then lay the sides. The top is open!

10. To decorate and improve the finish, I made a bow with the same ribbon and I put it in the can with a button, just above the junction of the two parts of the ribbon. The pocket was also pasted on top of that joint on the bottom.

11. I made a simple flower to decorate the can! In that case I cut 5 petals (which are actually half-circles) in two different sizes. I put the smaller petals on top of the larger petals, and then I tined the ends and pulled them to the furrow. Then I put the two ends together and finished, as in the simplest flower of yoke.
You can use any flower or other ornament you like! It could be a yoke flower or another felt flower like the one I used in the green can! Anyway, just use creativity!

12. To follow the flower, cut two pieces of satin ribbon and pasted almost forming a bow on the top of the can, as shown in the photo.

13. Above, I glued the flower and button. All with hot glue.

14. Finally, I put the can with other cute buttons! I pasted it with hot glue! And here again, it’s worth the creativity! There are several things that can be put to complement the decoration!

And that’s it! Your can is ready to be used or to give!

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