How to make Easy Handmade DIY Suncatcher

Surprise your loved one with this special suncatcher. Made with glass colours and fabric paining this indeed is a lovely DIY, something they will cherish forever.

Take an A4 white paper; draw a simple flower on it.
Place an OHP sheet on the drawing and outline the flower design using 3 D Cone Outliner Non Sticky White 707. Let it dry.
Make about 5 such flowers.
Paint the flowers in shading effect using Water Based Glass Colours Pink 856 and Ultramarine Blue 859. Leave it to dry.
Cut along the outlines of the flowers.
Make sure to keep one small sized OHP strip attached to the petal further for punching the hole.

Take some A4 size poplin fabric. Place the embroidery ring on it and mark the inner outline of the ring on it.
Write “you are my sunshine” inside the circle with a pencil

Paint the words “You are my sunshine” with Soft Acrylic Colours Pink 218 and Soft Acrylic Colours Pearl Lilac 507. Let it dry.

Similarly paint the background of the words with water shading technique using Soft Acrylic Colours Pink 218 and Violet 225.
Let it dry.
Paint the embroidery ring with Acrylic Colours Pink 18. Let it dry.

Cut and remove the excess fabric around the words with the pair of scissors.
Attach the circular painted piece of fabric to the ring using needle and thread and white pearls.
Your ring will now look like this.

Take the painted flowers and punch the hole on the OHP strip neatly.
Make the strings using pink plastic beads, pearls, pink thread and the flowers towards the end of each string securing it with small knots on regular intervals.
Attach the bead and flower strings to the ring aesthetically. Refer to the image.

15 Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Make your wrapping as extraordinary as the blessing itself with these 12 Creative Wrapping Gift Ideas. Carefully wrapped blessings can call for minimal more than striking paper and lovely lace. A wonderfully wrapped blessing truly demonstrates somebody you give it a second thought. These astute do-it-without anyone’s help thoughts are certain to awe everybody on your Christmas present rundown without burning up all available resources. In any event, we trust that this post will urge you to not agree to the exhausting rectangular box and to put somewhat more heart into making this an exceptionally brilliant Christmas for your friends and family.

Hope you like these Christmas Wrapping Gift Ideas.

20+ Sparkling Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas – How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Is it accurate to say that you are as yet deferring putting the Christmas tree up for quite a while? Perhaps that is on account of you’ve came up short on new finishing thoughts. It gets kinda exhausting setting it up a similar way every year so let us demonstrate to you a cluster of wonderful Christmas tree designing thoughts that you will positively adore.

This year, leave the Christmas presents under a shimmering, special Christmas tree that will influence you to stop and venerate it for a couple of minutes each time you go beside it. There’s something else entirely to finishing a Christmas tree than simply setting up a container brimming with Christmas adornments and wrapping a Christmas festoon around it.

Best Collection of 20+ Sparkling Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas You’ll Lose Yourself In. Investigate the accompanying pictures and you’ll perceive how a basic game plan of hues, shapes and materials can offer setting to your Christmas tree stylistic layout.

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15+ Charming DIY Christmas Ornaments You’ll Fall In Love With

Have you as of now set up the Christmas tree? In the event that you haven’t then what are you sitting tight for? Christmas is practically around the bend and having a very much brightened Christmas tree to energize your home stylistic theme is a decent thought.

Rather, we’d propose to influence your extremely to claim DIY Christmas adornments that won’t just change up your Christmas tree yet influencing them without anyone else to will likewise spare you some cash.

Welcome to another accumulation of DIY thoughts in which we’ve highlighted 15+ Charming DIY Christmas Ornaments You’ll Fall In Love With. Investigate these eccentric Christmas beatifications that you can hold tight your Christmas tree or add to your shelf stylistic theme

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10+ Unique DIY Homemade Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas is full speed ahead and it’s just half a month prior to the enchantment of Christmas hits the air. Is it true that you are one of those individuals who get a kick out of the chance to break out of the traditional thoughts and like to accomplish something that isn’t common? Would you rather set up your real Christmas tree that you used to beautify a year ago, or maybe set up something more strange, an imaginative Christmas tree that will both divert and enlivening? We have assembled 12 Unique DIY Christmas Tree thoughts which are basic but then they look remarkable and can end up plainly point of convergence in your home amid the occasions.

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How to make doll diya using plastic bottles

These cute Diya Dolls made from waste plastic bottles will add that cute welcoming look to your house….they look best when used as centerpieces or at outdoor tables….

Required Material:

  • waste plastic bottles
  • Acrylic colours
  • wire
  • tea light candles
  • shilpkar clay
  • glitter stones(optional)

Pista Sell Bird for Wall decoration Craft Ideas

We usually always have a bowl of pistachio nuts on our coffee table. As we were eating them one evening and tossing the shells into another bowl – I started thinking there must be something I can do with these – so I started collecting them in a large zip lock bag. I did a search for What to do with pistachio shells and the list of items that came up surprised me. One was to ground the shells and make soap – that just looked like it would hurt – so passed on that one. I saw a cool picture of wall decoration made from the shells and I definitely wanted to make that. I figured my first try would probably be a learning experience and end up as decoration so I decided to paint the shells.

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